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Pricing Your Property

Your next objective is to consult with us, your real estate agent team to determine the best possible selling price of your home. We will help you determine the state of our local market, the condition of your home, and show you sales of comparable homes in your neighborhood. We will then create a comparative market analysis by taking into consideration the type of market you are in and recent sales of area properties. Then we will be able to determine a fair market value that will help sell your home within your desired time frame.

Often, it can be hard for you, as a seller, to maintain objectivity, so remember to be objective about the price you set. You will always be better off setting a fair market value than setting your price high expecting that someone will come along and be willing to pay that inflated price. Do not use old logic that you will take a lower price when a prospective buyer is found, be objective and fair when you price the home and you will be far likely to receive better quicker offers avoiding having your home set on the market. If your home stays on the market too long because it was overpriced, potential buyers may think that something is wrong with it and you may end up selling it for less than what you could have gotten had you started out with your asking price based on a fair market analysis.

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